The Doctor is IN

The Doctor is IN and Ready to give you terrible Medical Advice

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Anonymous asked: I am concern about the lack of toilet paper in the picture of the Neinescape bathroom. What do you plan to do about it?

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admin-fritz asked: No, I am not, and here is my reason why. I said 'I worry'. Which means that I was showing concern for your well being, which in turn should tell you that I 'care'. And by stating that I care, you turned around and demanded that I publicly humiliate myself for a wrong I did not do. Truly, is this how you treat the people who only want to see you well and happy? I am insulted and hurt.

……Oh…..I, I see…well…..thank you for your concern….y-you should try and be more clear when you worry and…not make it sound like you are being….insulting…..because…it…it sounded insulting. *twiddles fingers*