The Doctor is IN

The Doctor is IN and Ready to give you terrible Medical Advice

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[[ That moment when the family you’ve made from Neinescape last summer freaks out because the artist responds to you.

And they all blush and hide under their covers with excitement.

But you’re just like: “She’s super cool! Go talk to her!!”

My lil’ blushing bunnies.

At this point Arkham’s on A-list celebrity status with the rest of the Neinescape Staff. I hope she enjoys her children as much as we love her ~<3 ]]

[[ Daww..I am just sorry I have been a neglectful parent to my fan children, really without seeing everyone enjoy it so much I would have no reason to continue. it’s everyone that enjoys Neinescape it that keeps it alive! I can’t tell you all how honored I am that you guys have stuck with Neinescape the way you have and I am going to try hard to do more with it and really..I LOVE hearing everyone’s ideas, head-canons  and seeing fanwork! *hugs and kisses to everyone!*]]

[[ I can’t even begin to tell you the absolute joy you brought to everyone. Boss and Knives’ players are working up some courage to write you a thank you letter and tell you all about their experiences with the series. They’re just being shy little bunnies right now <3

It makes me so very excited that you’re still going on with Neinescape. I plan to work very hard at work this summer to purchase and support the series and all the items available, since last year I didn’t have the financial freedom for all the kits and whatnot (though I was lucky to get a couple cards and a brochure!).

Oh man, I can’t tell you the sleepless nights Dr.Boss’ player (Evee) and myself have stayed up drawing fanarts for it. We even got to talking about making a side-story doujin about the roleplay we’ve been working on here.]]

[[Oh!..I would love to see that doujin! I really am still floored to see everyone still loving this idea!..I am inspired when I see others enjoying something so much! I had rather felt discouraged recently its been a tough few months, but now I want to try hard not to disappoint you guys and work hard…to create more for this and move forward! :D..thanks so much for the encouragment its been perfect timing]]

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    [[Oh!..I would love to see that doujin! I really am still floored to see everyone still loving this idea!..I am inspired...
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